Q: Do I have to settle for the recipe picked for me, or can I get a different one?
A: Yes. Phood Buddy can repeatedly pick recipes as often as you need.
Q: What if I have a food allergy? Will Phood Buddy filter recipes to avoid my allergy?
A: Yes. Phood Buddy, along with other filters, tries to eliminate options that would be affected by the allergies listed in your profile.
Q: I have diabetes, but like sweet foods. Can Phood Buddy find me recipes that taste sweet, but avoid foods dangerous to diabetics?
A: Yes. Phood Buddy can find low sugar recipes that have a high sweet rating if that's how you've setup your profile.
Q: I have an iPhone. Can I download an iPhone app version of Phood Buddy?
A: No. At the moment, the iPhone can only access Phood Buddy through the website at PhoodBuddy.com.
Q: I have an Android phone, but it's version is 6 updates behind. Will the Phood Buddy app still be compatible?
A: Yes. The Android Mobile branch of Phood Buddy is compatible with the last 10 versions as of 04/2016.
Q: I hate having to login repeatedly with username and password. Can Phood Buddy sign me in some other way?
A: Yes. Phood Buddy can be signed in with Facebook or Google.
Q: I have a question that isn't listed here. What do I do?
A: We're happy to answer any questions you might have. If it isn't here, feel free to contact one of our developers here